WAGS Atlanta Stars Joined CockTales: Dirty Discussions

WAGS Atlanta stars Kierra Douglas, Ariel Anderson, and Hope Wiseman all joined Medinah and I for CockTales Dirty Discussions. Of course we asked Kierra how she snagged her NFL hubby Harry Douglas, why she doesn’t want her little sister Ariel dating an athlete, and how Hope Wiseman meshed with the group. Check out the video teaser and full episode here.

Check Out This Teaser

Here’s the Full Episode

Now that the show has aired and we’re approaching the season finale, I find it pretty interesting that Hope and Ariel got very little screentime. Kierra was definitely the Queen B on the show it seems. She’s from Atlanta, actually married and her husband is still playing. And just like on the show she has a take charge attitude that I can identify with. I liked her on the show, although after her coming to the podcast I thought she might be too much of a goody two shoes for reality tv but it worked. Hope seemed like a lot of fun but it looks like no one outside of Ariel and Kierra cared to invite her to anything. And Ariel’s storyline wouldn’t work without being in her sister’s shadow which is what she’s trying to get away from. Tough.

Do any of you watch WAGS Atlanta? Rumor has is shortly after the 2 hour season finale this week the show will be cancelled.