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CockTales: Melanin Milk Shares First Date Sex Parties, Big D***s, and Her Stroke Game

Melanin Milk Visits Atlanta for Some CockTales

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Melanin Milk dropped in the studio and we had a blast!  Seriously, this was the most fun I’ve had in a while during a recording.  Okay I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately but it’s true!  There’s a cool site dubbed the Black Cosmo, and it’s Melanin Milk.  The creator of the site prefers to protect her identity so we’ll just call her Melanin Milk.   Read more

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Little Women Atlanta Star Monie Cashette Says “Don’t get Monitized”

Little Women Atlanta star Monie Cashette stopped by CockTales Dirty Discussions for a few drinks and some cocktales!  We discuss her not realizing she was a little person, dating online, proposing to her husband and living out her life on reality tv.  Read more

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WAGS Atlanta Stars Joined CockTales: Dirty Discussions

WAGS Atlanta stars Kierra Douglas, Ariel Anderson, and Hope Wiseman all joined Medinah and I for CockTales Dirty Discussions. Of course we asked Kierra how she snagged her NFL hubby Harry Douglas, why she doesn’t want her little sister Ariel dating an athlete, and how Hope Wiseman meshed with the group. Check out the video teaser and full episode here. Read more