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#Life – The Balancing Act | Journey to the Perfect Work Life Balance

The journey to finding the perfect work life balance has been a difficult one for me.  With my social and love life at an all time low, I found myself taking on way too many work projects.  And not just things for my full time job, but my own personal work projects.  Before I knew it I was lashing out at people, secluding myself, and forgetting that contrary to what the overload of posts about celebrities not sleeping to achieve mega success…I needed sleep.  And a life outside of work.


One of my friends called me everyday.  We would have our “morning meetings” every day like clockwork.  He kept asking me, “When is the last time you went out and actually enjoyed yourself?” I didn’t have an answer.  My coworkers would stop by my office saying, “Kiki, why don’t we see you out anymore? You don’t go out like you used to.” It was true.  I hadn’t been out, hadn’t been having fun, and spent my days working.  That’s not what life should be.

I started by making plans with friends.  Plans that never happened because I would cancel.  I just wasn’t in the space to hang out knowing that there were so many things I wanted to accomplish and hanging with my friends wasn’t going to get me there, or so I thought.



A big part of having your own business and working in entertainment or any creative field requires people to be aware of what you’re doing.  Posting on social media wasn’t going to get me to the next level.  I tried that for a while and after looking back on things I realized that I was losing my human element that got me to my current level.  If no one saw me it was out of sight out of mind.  I have to continue to get out and make real connections with people to actually set myself apart.

Balancing act number 1. Get out and make it count.

I’ve started to break out of my cocoon and spend time with old friends, new friends, and finding new places to go.  It’s helped tremendously and I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner.  I guess I just wasn’t ready.  But I am now.  I plan to keep updating you all with my journey of finding the perfect balance.  For now I’d like to challenge anyone who is struggling to find the perfect work life balance to find a place that you’ve never been before and go.  You can go alone or with friends.  Just make it happen. Yelp and the UrbanDaddy app are excellent sources to finding the perfect place to go.  Let me know how your journey begins and we can be accountability partners for the rest of the month.  Just tweet me or leave an Instagram comment to let me know how it’s going for you!




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