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Kiki grew up in Louisiana and Texas and always knew she wanted something a bit more. She decided to branch out and moved to Washington, DC to study Broadcast Journalism at Howard University. She was a very successful student there and landed awesome opportunities in the entertainment industry with WHBC 830 AM, House Studio DC and TheYBF.com. These opportunities really allowed her to break out of her shell and blossom into the fun-loving and crazy personality you experience now. Somewhat homesick and in need of a little more southern hospitality, Kiki decided that after earning her degree she would would head to Atlanta and hasn’t looked back. Kiki currently works at Streetz 94.5 and has worked with other radio stations, N'Style Atlanta and TheYBF.com covering red carpet events, conducting interviews, and building brands. Kiki's latest project is her podcast "CockTales: Dirty Discussions" where she brings on guests to discuss all aspects of sex, dating, and relationships. Kiki is all about chasing her dreams, creating opportunities, and inspiring others along the way. Success is in her DNA, and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.
Instagram: @kikisaidso
Twitter: @kikisaidso
Snapchat: kiara.alexandra